How do I become a seller?


Becoming a seller on omnummy is quick and easy! Just tap “become a seller” and create an account by posting product pictures and filling out your information such as product description, price, availability, etc. Once you’ve finished that you’re a seller!





How do I adjust my location pin in my profile?


Tap on the adjust button underneath the map in your profile, when it is grey you can move the map around to adjust where the pin is centered. Once you’re done, tap lock to make it greyed out.





How do I upload a product?


Once you’ve become a seller on omnummy uploading a product is even easier! Navigate to “my products” and click the “+” sign on the top right to upload new products. Then upload a photo and give your food item a name, appropriate tags, price. Make sure to turn the switch button at the top to orange to make your product live to the public for ordering.





I added a product, but it’s not displayed in my profile, how do I make it live?


In the product you’ve just added, there’s a switch in the top right, switch it on by sliding the button to the right, making it orange. Hit save and your product should be displayed to the public for anyone to see and buy!





I just got an order, what do I do?


When you receive an order your response time is critical to your customer’s satisfaction. You’re the business owner here, so we encourage you to respond to business orders as soon as you’re able to by using the chat feature called “ask me” next to the client’s photo.





Can I get one of my products featured on your Facebook or Instagram?


Sometimes we will feature food from the omnummy app or posts tagged with #omnummy.

Requirements are the same as those below for being featured locally in the app.





How does my product get featured in the featured section of the omnummy app?


It’s pretty simple! We look for clean looking images representing your product lines, some tips include:


Sharp and quality image (it’s hard to feature a fuzzy photo where the product is not clear)

Maximize the usage of the photo screen (photos leaving grey areas feel cut off, make sure to maximize your photos)


No distracting watermarks or logos (small marks are okay, just don’t overshadow the product—which is what you are selling afterall).





Do I need to be licensed to sell on omnummy?


It is encouraged that you look into your local Cottage Food Laws and that you get the appropriate certification, but it is not a requirement to display your products on our app just as you are on your social channels. omnummy is a social platform to help find and review home bakers, it is up to the sellers to comply with their local regulations.





I’m on vacation for a few weeks or I am overbooked for now, I don’t want to delete my products, what do I do?


Never fear! Just a quick flip of a button and you can hide a product from being listed without having to delete the whole thing and remake it when you want to put it back up for ordering. Go to the product’s page and switch the orange button in the top right corner, greying it out.



I’ve found something to buy, now what?


Message the seller of the product you’re looking to buy through the “ask me” instant chat feature, and you can discuss any custom details there or logistics (pick up/delivery, add on customization costs…). Once confirmed, you can submit your order on the specific date you need it for.





Does this app have gluten-free or nut-free products?


Yes! When a seller is uploading a new product they get the option to tag a food if it’s gluten-free, nut free, etc. so just search for foods marked with those tags in the search bar at the top.





Does omnummy deliver?


We leave arranging pickup and delivery between the buyer and the seller. It is best that the expectation is set early, you can do that through the chat “ask me” feature.





I’ve just ordered a product on omnummy from a local baker, now what?


The baker or seller should immediately respond to your request, we encourage you to use the chat function “ask me” to inquire with your baker. This is an instant chat, so if you don’t receive a response after 24-48 hours, we suggest you look for another baker in your city.





I have a bachelor/bachelorette party in a different city (ex: Las Vegas), can I order from sellers that are out of town?


Absolutely! People have ordered from out of town for special occasions before and we encourage you to give the sellers as much notice as you can, so they can plan accordingly. Be sure to mention you are from out of town as well and communicate through the chat function the specific themes you’re after.





How do I pay?


This depends on the seller’s policy, most sellers take paypal or credit card others take cash. Please work it out with your seller.





Where is this app supported?


Anyone around the world can download the app, but our main focus is in the United States right now.

general questions


Where is omnummy headquartered?


omnummy is based in Bellevue, Washington but we have team members in North America and even in other parts of the world!





When was the omnummy app released?


The omnummy app was released in early spring 2015.





Is there a fee to use this app?


This app is absolutely free to use and download, for both buyers and sellers. So what are you waiting for? Go download it now!





Is there an Android version of this app?


Currently this app is only available on the Apple Store, but there are plans to expand to Android in the future.





Where did the name and logo for omnummy originate from?


The name omnummy was created based on Cookie Monster’s cry when invading the cookie jar, omnomnom (but with a U!). Om nom is an onomatopoeical adjective based on the sound emitted when something is “oh so yummy”. So the combination of omnom and yummy to us became omnummy!


The logo uses circles because they symbolize harmony in the Asian culture and the eight dots surrounding the center circle represents family and friends gathering around a table enjoying a meal. The circles can also represent a dish being created in the center, with ingredient dishes surrounding it. We use salmon-orange in the logo and name as we feel this color gives a warm feeling. Also note, the “O” in omnummy is never capitalized, because that would make it look like a very hungry caterpillar! ;-)





I’m having technical troubles with the omnummy app, who should I contact?


Just send us an email at and we’ll respond within 24 hours.





I’m a member of the press, media or blogger, how do I get in touch with omnummy staff?


Please send an email to and we will respond within 24 hours.