omnummy is an app to find and order homemade food from your local community.

Think of Yelp meets Etsy for home bakers and cooks. Want a personalized cake, cake pops, cookies for your special occasion? Or looking for authentic homemade dumplings, curries, Lebanese flatbreads?

omnummy is your app for that!


Go a head and download it, it’s a pretty sweet app! :-)

Psst: omnummy is named after Cookie Monster’s sound om num num when he invades his cookies!

our community

Our mission is to connect people through the love of homemade food. The omnummy community is made up of 1000s of creative, passionate, entrepreneurial-minded home bakers, home cooks, artisans and people who appreciate homemade food. We believe in buying local and supporting small home-based businesses, you can find 1000s of homemade food types on the app today across North America. Join our community today by signing up on the app!


Nancy Dabu

Founder of L.A. Cookie Con

Los Angeles, CA

"The omnummy app is totally unique - it’s perfect for someone like me. I really value fresh, handcrafted desserts and omnummy enables me to find and support home bakers in my community who make amazing, fresh, delicious products. It’s like Yelp meets the ‘shop local’ movement"

Melissa Randall

Founder of Baking with Melissa

Los Angeles, CA.

"I love omnummy because it gives the local community a way to support small businesses around town. Why spend your money on processed or dry baked goods made in a factory or huge kitchen when you can spend your money buying fresh sweet treats that were made especially for you? I once heard a quote that “people who give you their food, give you their heart”…and I say, omnummy puts the heart back into food."



Miami, FL

"omnummy app is the first of its kind to help the baking community who want to get discovered by new clients. Anyone looking to grow their home based business should try the new app out!"


Chef Eddie G

Private Chef, Coast2Coast Cuisine, Eddie G’s Kitchen

New York, NY

"omnummy is an app that helps foodies find and order from their local home cooks and bakers, anytime of the day! Everyone should give it a try!"

Pamela Vuong


Seattle, WA

"omnummy has brought me many local clients, inspired me to take my hobby further and start a small home-based business"

Kim C

Founder of Cake Pop Con

Philadelphia, PA

"omnummy is an innovative way for bakers to get the word out about their products. It’s an easy to use app that connects dessert seekers with bakers near and far - from their local neighborhood, to across the country."

Gemma Touchstone

Founder Cake Expo and Party Style Magazine

Santa Ana, CA

"the baking community loves omnummy because it’s about investing back into the local community, helping home bakers earn extra income while doing something they are passionate about. This is a great app for busy moms, party planners and socialites."

Porsha Kimble

Food Network Cake Wars contestant, cake artist winner, inspirational speaker and founder of Cake Diva.

Grand Praire, TX

"Finally a great new way for home based businesses to get the word out about bakers and cooks’ homemade food in their local area. The omnummy app is new for home bakers, sweet makers and caters. Get on the fast track to gain more business in the most simplistic and easy approach. I have not seen anything better or more fantastic than the omnummy app! If you’re not using it, you’re truly missing out! Check it out online and get the app on your devices!”

our team

Linh Ho

Creator, Food Tester

Stephen Calvert


Marcelle Kimberley

Marketing Manager

Miguel Coelho


Cookie Monster



May Houri-Carreon

Brand Ambassador


Heather Dagan

Brand Ambassador

Los Angeles

Mary Cruz

SoCal Brand Ambassador Leader

Los Angeles

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